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Pamela Sebwenna, Front Desk Team Lead, Patient Care Coordinator

Pam joined the ABS team in May 2023 as one of our stellar front desk staff. Her dedication to patient care and cheerful, upbeat attitude are a few of the reasons why she’s such a great care coordinator. When Pam isn’t taking calls or scheduling appointments, she can be found running around the clinic keeping it in tip-top shape.


Pam is a born and raised Alaskan who fell in love with healthcare while attending Service High School. She’s now a College of Health student at the University of Alaska, Anchorage and spends lots of time searching for new restaurants (“Anchorage’s hidden gems”) with her friends. 


So, down to business; what’s Pam’s favorite Anchorage eatery? She says, “there are too many good restaurants in Anchorage to choose from! However, my favorite cake is Tres Leches, especially when I make it myself.” Fantastic!

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