Billing Massage and Manual Therapy to Medical Insurance

Many medical insurance providers have coverage for Massage and Manual Therapy. Our services are typically covered under either your chiropractic or rehabilitation/physical therapy benefits. Starting in 2015,  the majority of insurance carriers have begun the move to allowing massage therapists to bill for Massage and Manual Therapy under their own licensure. If your carrier does not cover massage therapy preformed by a Licensed Massage Therapist we do have a supervising Chiropractor that may be used to bill under, depending on your medical insurance policy. 


To bill our services to your medical insurance it must be prescribed by a Physician, Chiropractor or Advanced Nurse Practitioner. Referrals must be received prior to your appointment in order for our services to be billed to your insurance carrier. Without the referral information Advanced Body Solutions will unfortunately not be able to submit a claim on your behalf. 

We will be happy to verify your insurance benefits to determine whether or not you have coverage for our services prior to your scheduled appointment and answer any questions or concerns you may have. 

Our Therapists are Preferred Providers with
the below Health Insurance Providers
Aetna,  EBMS/NEA, Meritain, Cigna Health
Premera Blue Cross and Federal Blue Cross 

Common Insurance Coverage

  • Aetna: Many plans cover massage with 20% co-insurance 

  • EBMS: 20 visits yearly with a 20% co-insurance

  • Meritain: Many plans cover massage with 20% co-insurance 

  • Premera Blue Cross: Many plans cover massage with 20% co-insurance with some requiring authorization approval from Evicore

  • Federal Blue Cross: Dependent on plan $25 co-pay with 50 yearly visits or $30 co-pay

       with 75 visits yearly

  • Cigna: Many plans cover massage with 20% co-insurance 

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